Umbrella Insurance in Texas

Umbrella insurance is something homeowners get to extend their liability coverage on their home. The state of Texas requires a certain amount of liability coverage, and in many cases that is enough. If you want more than that, or if you want to be covered for catastrophic accidents, an umbrella policy from Lone Star Insurance Specialist in Amarillo, TX could be what you need.

Someone nearing retirement age, for instance, could have a major incident in their home and be liable for millions of dollars. In that case, they could lose their retirement savings very fast. An umbrella policy is often good for a person with a lot of assets to protect. Homes, savings accounts, and even inheritances can be protected with this type of policy.

You may also get umbrella coverage to go with your automobile insurance as well. The main thing an umbrella policy does is reduce your chances of liability. Umbrella coverage can also cover things like slander, libel, false arrest and invasion of privacy, which are things not normally covered in a typical insurance policy.

Get in touch with the Lone Star Insurance Specialists in Amarillo, TX to go over your homeowner's policy, and to find out if an umbrella policy is right for your situation. You may use the online tool on our website to get a fast quote that will give you an idea of cost for umbrella coverage in Texas. You may also visit us in our office and have one of our insurance professionals go over your insurance needs.

If you are a new customer we can help you get started on having the best policy for your situation. If you are an existing customer, visit us online or stop in our office in Amarillo, TX to make sure you have the policy you need. Situations also change from time to time, and it is a good idea to make sure your policy is up to date.

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