Life Insurance

Your spouse, minor children, dependent adults, and business partners rely on you for financial support. A life insurance policy secures the financial future of those you care about most. Lone Star Insurance Specialist offers life insurance policies for residents and business owners in the Amarillo, TX area. Our policies can be customized to addresses your specific circumstances.

Types of Life Insurance Policies

Because everyone's life is different, we offer a variety of policy options to fit your goals. There are two basic types of life insurance policies. Term life policies pay beneficiaries if death occurs during the active policy period. Policy periods can range from one to 30 years. Whole life policies have no expiration date. As long as the premiums are up-to-date, these policies will pay death benefits to your survivors. There are a number of whole life policy variations you can choose from, including:

  • Joint policies are combined policies involving two or more people. These policies generally enjoy lower premiums than similar coverages. Benefits are only distributed when all parties have passed away. Couples can use these as a wealth-preserving strategy to pay Texas property taxes for their descendants upon their deaths.
  • Universal life policies offer subscribers a flexible premium and death benefit options.
  • Variable universal life insurance policies build cash value that subscribers can use in their lifetime to fund investments or as a source of emergency cash.

Ask our experts which type of policy is best for your Texas lifestyle.

Commercial Life Insurance

Business owners can use commercial life insurance to help their partners and dependents carry on in the case of their sudden death. The payouts from commercial life insurance policies can be used to pay for:

  • Joint business loans and outstanding balances on equipment purchases.
  • Emergency employees to fill the gap and keep the business profitable.

Partners can use the proceeds from a commercial life insurance policy to buy out the inherited business interests of surviving family members.

Contact the agents at Lone Star Insurance Specialist in the Amarillo, TX area for personalized guidance on life insurance policies to protect the people who depend on you.