Home Insurance

Setting up an ideal living space to call home takes time and money. As such, it is vital to take up home insurance to protect your home against insured risks such as fire, burglary or legal suits. Lone Star Insurance Specialist writes home insurance in Amarillo, Texas. Our home insurance coverage options are tailored to meet a wide array home insurance needs in Texas.

Our home insurance coverage options

Medical payments

Insured events such as fire may leave you with injuries that warrant immediate medical attention. The medical payments coverage option pays for these medical expenses. However, it is vital to note that this coverage option only caters for the injuries that occur as a result of an insured peril.

Additional living expenditures

This coverage option meets your extra living expenditures in the event you have to vacate your home for repairs to take place. Under this coverage option, the expenses covered include food and housing expenses.

Personal liability coverage

Personal liability coverage pays to represent you in court if an aggrieved party sues you for damages after a hazard. If the court finds you culpable, the coverage option pays for the damages owed to the aggrieved party.

Dwelling coverage option

The dwelling coverage option insures your main dwelling structure against burglary or accidental damage. Note that this option only applies to the main residential structure and no other detached units.

Detached structures coverage

Insured events such as fire can spread to other detached structures such as your garage or storage buildings. These detached structures are insured specifically under the detached coverage option. For homeowners with multiple garages, this could be an ideal coverage option to include in your home insurance policy.

Personal property insurance

This coverage option meets the repair and replacement costs of your personal belongings such as clothes if an insured peril destroys them.

Lone Star Insurance Specialist, is committed to offering ideal home insurance solutions in Amarillo, TX. Visit our website for a free estimate of your home insurance policy.