Classic Car Insurance in Texas

When you love your classic car you need to protect it. That is why we have Lone Star Insurance specialist inspectors on hand to work with you, whether you live in Amarillo, TX or in the neighboring community. These are vehicles that you likely have put considerable amounts of time and care into. Likewise, you deserve an insurance provider capable of offering the highest level of care for your car as well.

When is a Car Considered a Classic

The definition of a classic car has remained consistent since the Antique Automobile Club of America created it back in 1935. For a vehicle to be considered classic it needs to be at least 25 years old and no older than 50. Once your vehicle is 50 years or older it is considered an antique (don't worry, if your vehicle is older than 50 years we have insurance for that as well).

Classic Car Insurance Coverage

There are different reasons why you should consider classic car insurance for your Texas vehicle. For starters, it likely isn't your everyday driving vehicle. This means you only take it out when the weather is perfect or to head out for car shows. If you're only driving it a few miles at a time there's no reason to have the same kind of auto coverage as what you might pay with your everyday vehicle. So our team can sit down with you and work out the right coverage options not only for your vehicle but for how you drive the vehicle.

When you live in or around Amarillo, TX and have a classic car you need to have classic car insurance. With a Lone Star Insurance specialist at your disposal, we will work with you to find the right coverage for your Texas car. So no matter the make or the model, we'll have professionals here to work with you every step of the way.

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