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Commercial Insurance Protects Your Growing Business from Disaster

No one likes to contemplate it but damage from a fire, tornado or severe weather event could spell disaster for a growing company.  Commercial insurance is designed to protect businesses from a variety of threats.  In the Amarillo, TX area, the team at Lonestar Insurance Specialist works with companies to get the right coverage.

Commercial insurance is composed of three main policies:  property, workers compensation, and liability coverage.  Property insurance covers any buildings the company owns but it also covers equipment and inventory.  Liability coverage protects the company should a visitor to a corporate property be injured.  Not only will it cover their medical expenses, but if they sue and the company is found negligent, it will also cover legal expenses.  It also protects if the company becomes involved in a libel, slander or copyright infringement case.  Workers compensation provides medical coverage for any employee injured on the job.  Specialized auto policies can cover a corporate fleet.

Severe weather, fires, and tornadoes.  These are just a few of the disasters that can bring a halt to a business or production facility.  There are options available, though, to ensure that the company can recover quickly from these events.  Basic commercial insurance is a must but there are also more specialized policies that business owners may want to consider.  One of these is business interruption coverage that will help a company affected by disaster to survive a period where they are unable to conduct business.  This can help them recover more quickly.

In the Amarillo, TX area, the team at Lonestar Insurance Specialist helps companies get the coverage they need to survive any disaster that comes their way.  Visit the website then come in to learn more.  Every company needs the protection that quality insurance provides.

Protect Your Business With Commercial Insurance

Your business isn’t just your own livelihood but likely the livelihood of others. Due to this, it is critical to take care of it and to protect the business. Any number of issues may arise, many of which you cannot forecast. That is why it is important for you to invest in commercial insurance. If you have a business in or around the Amarillo, TX area, we have a Lonestar Insurance specialist who can work with you and your needs. 

Protect Your Equipment With Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance isn’t just for when you own the property. It is also essential for when you rent it. Chances are you have valuable equipment on hand. From screen presses for your t-shirt business to injection molding hardware for your manufacturing company you put a considerable amount of money into the production assets of your business. Commercial property insurance can protect you from theft. 

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

If you have others working for you, it is important to invest in worker’s compensation insurance. If anyone is injured while working for you, this insurance covers their medical bills and pays for their time away from work. Failure to have this kind of coverage may leave your business susceptible to potential lawsuits from your employee. Much like other forms of commercial insurance, worker’s compensation is designed to not only help your employee remain on their feet but to protect your business and your financial assets in times of crisis.

No matter the industry of your business, the size or how long you have remained in operation, we have a Lonestar Insurance specialist who can work with you in finding the right kind of coverage. So when operating around the greater Amarillo, TX area, our team is here for you. 

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