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Drag Racing Can Worsen Your Auto Insurance Rate

Drag racing is a common pastime for many in Amarillo, TX but is a dangerous one. In fact, it can have a nasty effect on your car insurance if you aren’t too careful. That’s why we, at Lonestar Insurance Specialist, are breaking down what you need to know about this topic.

Insurance Does Not Cover Drag Racing

Drag racing – either competitively or something done for kicks on weekends – is considered a dangerous way to use your car. Therefore, most types of car insurance policies won’t cover it because they consider it as reckless behavior. As a result, you can expect your payments to increase.

Just as importantly, most providers may increase your interest rates if they find out that you have been drag racing at any time. This increase can be quite high and may make it difficult to pay your policy. Even worse, some providers may consider canceling your policy due to your dangerous and illegal behavior. 

Competitive Drag Racing My Require Specific Policies

However, if you perform legal drag racing on a track for cash and prizes, you can get what is known as competitive car insurance policies. These types kick in on any car that is used for competitive services and protects them from problems caused by these events.

Please note, though, that street racing without an appropriate license – and without control by racing authorities – is not covered by competitive insurance. These acts are illegal and will be treated as such by your insurance policy.

So if you plan on dragging and need high-quality insurance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Lonestar Insurance Specialist. We are located near Amarillo, TX and serve it and the surrounding area by providing high-quality policies at reasonable prices.

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